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Welcome to my Personal Blog

Sat, 27 June 2020

My name is Sandro, I have been a web developer for more than 10 years, with diversified experience in the creation of web apps.
I live and work in the province of Padua (Italy), with my wife Luisa, my daughter Matilde and her future sister (-4 months at birth - 27/06/2020).


This blog is meant to be a small, unpretentious meeting point.
My goal is to share my reflections and my personal works, tips and tricks hoping that they will be useful.
I will try to write on a regular basis, free time permitting!

I will mainly deal with frontend programming in JavaScript/TypeScript and CSS, frontend architecture, UI/UX and Design System.

I am preparing some material for my next posts, in the meantime you could find some anticipation in my repos on github.

console.log("Happy reading!");
// and
console.log("See you soon!");

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