Photo by Ben on Unsplash

A longtime friend a few days ago proposed to me a project for a portal dedicated to merchants. Currently, he develops in PHP and therefore among the requirements is the use of this language.

I have been a PHP programmer for several years when developing websites and web portals as well as API backends for native applications. Since I changed jobs two years ago I have not had the opportunity to use the language. Over the years I have developed several libraries, frameworks as well as CMS that I kept for myself and that facilitated the development of websites, with a philosophy that I would say quite opinionated (for example, I have never used composer).

In the last few days, I got back to PHP development by trying composer and looking for some simple but effective libraries that would allow me to reach the goal without the burden of having to learn to use very complex frameworks like Laravel for a project that must be with a low effort.

Finding the libraries wasn’t difficult, here are my choices:

At the moment I am still experimenting with new approaches to PHP derived from the experience of backend development with nodejs and with golang.

A little at a time I am creating a small framework (opinionated :D) that may be in the future I will share with you, for now it is just an exercise. However, it will be a very light thing,

“My Little Framework”.