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After the latest additions to create a solid foundation for route management and user navigation session I went into more specifics with the functional objectives of the PHP project.

The application will provide for the management of user accounts, therefore registration and login. To simplify the work, I chose to use the Auth0 services, so I had to integrate the service library, in a few lines I have management of user authentication without having to integrate the entire registration process. In doing so I ran into the fact that Auth0 uses an older major version of the JWT library I had chosen and the two implementations are incompatible, so I had to rewrite the JWT middleware integration using the old version of the library, losing some minor functionality.

I also did a trial of using MongoDB as database with MongoDB Atlas, but I retraced my steps and I think I will use MySQL (classic LAMP).

The list of libraries has evolved as follows:

From here on I will try to implement the application interface.

“My Little Framework” is growing.