Photo by Ben on Unsplash

My PHP experiments continue and evolve.

As long as I program in PHP and experiment with old and new techniques I listen to podcasts on software development.

In the last period, there has been a certain bad-talk of PHP when compared with other more modern languages.

What I’m seeing, and what I think is that this comparison doesn’t make much sense, as PHP was born with certain goals that it continues to pursue.

Only in the latest release 8 has there been a development dedicated to aligning with functionality or patterns of other languages ​​(Node.js), but in a very limited way.

We must think that language is good for certain areas and objectives and less for others.

I am now focusing on functional objectives, trying to exploit PHP for the areas that most compete with it, namely the manipulation of strings, mainly to generate HTML pages, but also for other formats such as SVG and JSON.

In a world where the logic of the web app is moving more and more to the client-side thanks to the various React, Vue, Angular, PHP is turning into a language to create APIs.