Photo by Greta Farnedi on Unsplash

This is the first post written with the new version of the Hugo-based site.

I could tell you that a long time has passed since the last post because the site update has required a lot of work.But is not so. It was laziness.

What made me change my mind about the use of Next.js was the difficulty of upgrading to the new release, which in a few words “broke everything”.

After three failed attempts, and I also think of the Overhead of having to manage components in React, the CSS-in-js and the Fried-Mix of MDX, I wondered if I could not go to something different.

Initially I also thought of writing me a Site-Builder in Go, since I am focusing a lot on this language, but given the little time I threw myself on the best solution that the market offers, namely Hugo.

The theme is chosen ([Terminal] ( and tried of two (just two) commands that are seated for development and build, within less than less than 24 hours I had the new site published, with practically everything there was before. The most laborious thing was to convert some of the posts written in MDX to pure Markdown.

Hugo seems to me an excellent tool, not having react in the middle in the Markdown files should facilitate the desire to insert new content, even if it already puts some difficulties in creating more dynamic features, but it is probably only a matter of looking better for the documentation.